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Hi, all liveandroid fans

Welcome to the amazing LiveAndroid World!

Before you are using liveandroid, please read me first.

Want to give Google Android a try, but don't feel like buying a T-Mobile G1? LiveAndroid is a LiveCD(and LiveUSB) for Google Android OS running on x86 platforms, you can running it in virtualbox or vmware, also burn the image to a disc, stick it in a CD-ROM drive, reboot your computer and you can check out Android without installing it or affecting any files on your PC.

LiveAndroid porting based on eee_701 Android OS, modify system/core/init, recompile kernel with aufs&sqsquashfs support to smaller size.

We released liveandroid v0.1 on May 15, 2009. Now, we released liveandroid v0.2 on July 6, 2009, based on android cupcake 1.5, we highly recommend liveandroid v0.2.

LiveAndroid make you taste Google phone on your computer, we want liveandroid could be a REAL OS for your computer, now it is only a TOY :)

Here we go.

See some photos here:

Download liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 and liveandroidv0.2.iso.002 from

windows: use HJSplit ( or to join it. also use command COPY /B liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 +liveandroidv0.2.iso.002 liveandroidv0.2.iso

linux: cat liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 liveandroidv0.2.iso.002 > liveandroidv0.2.iso

ramdisk/kernel/init.patch/init.rc is open for liveandroid addicts and developers.

you also can download ISO image directly from mirror,

 * (via @iTogusa)
 * (via @androidworldit)
 *,com_phocadownload/Itemid,55/id,6/view,category/ (via @kekin)
 * (via Matthew)
 * (via @skim)
 * (thanks peter.daugherty)
 * (via sk.kozec)
 * (via f.matteoli) 

or download torrent here

or download liveandroid kit all-in-one solution from, including iso file, portable virtualbox, infra-recoder, readme, well google docs (via @xenodesystems)

when downloading finished, please check the iso md5sum, on windows, you can use

liveandroidv0.2.iso MD5: 03852bce8cb26aba21d147153c1fb120

Good Luck!

When liveandroid booting up, you can use alt+F1 or alt+F7 to switch GUI and console, we added busybox to liveandroid, you can do everything in console. see howtouse for more instructions.

In liveandroid v0.2, only a few of video card and net card driver added, so if you encounter freeze problem, please see FAQ for more details or feedback to us, we are glad to fix it.

- HELP -

LiveAndroid's logo, wallpaper, mirror, forum, testing hardware, we need your help :)

Happy Androiding!

LiveAndroid Team 

OS Installation File Download

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ISO USB  (90.0 MB)

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